Welcome the newest member of the Mitchell Family August 24, 2012


Born May 25, 2012

weight 8/24/12 is 1 pound 11.5 oz - now full grown at 2 1/2 pounds

We were visiting Juli's pups and Gigi weekly since Gigi was 4 weeks old. We had a good bond when we got her.

Pictured below is TJ, (Turbo Jr) Gigi's brother, helping with our dishes on a recent visit. Contact Juli for availibility of other "tea-cup" poodles.. I might add that Juli, the breeder, is not an ordinary breeder. She cares for her pups like no body we ever met. Her pups come with up to date shots. The pup's mom and dad are there for you to meet. These "Toy" poodles are usually only about 4 pounds. Juli's info is below picture of TJ.

Breeder: Juli's Tiny Toy Poodles - Elverson, Pa

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Julis-Perpetual-Puppies-Tiny-Toy-Poodle-Breeder/335900996459846

Website http://www.breeders.net/detail.php?id=232963